This is where I throw in a little disclaimer saying that everything shown on these pages, to the best of my knowledge, is either freeware, shareware, mine directly, or if it isn't mine, it's been properly credited to the rightful owners.  If you find that I am mistaken about this, please do not hesitate to contact me, so that this can be corrected quickly.

This is also where I say that most of these pages were created with Notepad.   All of the small graphics or borders were part of fonts found at either Dingbat pages, Font freak, or a similar website which I don't have bookmarked anymore.  Most of those font websites were found via Isis Eyes links page.  I was referred to her site by a friend of mine. 

I figured out basic HTML code from looking at the source code of other web pages or what Netscape Composer was doing when I told it to make something.  For more detailed coding questions, HTML Tutorial was relied upon heavily, as was the Web Design Group.  Some of the code on these pages has been checked using the Web Design Group's validator.

The background images on this website are courtesty of various places.  They are all free images.  A few of them came from here.  Other background textures were found here, here, and here.  There are a lot of sites that offer free background patterns or textures.  The images from these sites may or may not appear on my webpage at this time.  Depends on whether or not I've decided to use them.

Once I get some cool graphics made (assuming that ever happens), I'm sure I'll have some comment on here about them being copyrighted or some such drivel.  For now, if you have any more questions about where any of the stuff on here came from, just ask me.

The guestbook and feedback sections of my website are courtesy of HtmlGear.  They are free and request only that you put a link to their site on yours.  Since I really like free things, I've given them two--one here and one at the guestbook signing link. 

The counters that may or may not appear on various parts of this website are courtesy of WebCounter's free counters.  Per their request, I have included their thumbnail in addition to the their website.    I hope that this is an acceptable place to put the references, as their thumbnail looks really dumb with my color scheme on most pages where counters appear.


Last updated on May 22, 2005