Things I would like to own, some day. In some vague semblance of order.

Reasonably-priced items I would like:

What I would like
Music CDs Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette
Any hairbands, just about any cd
Rock (current or classic) is probably the safest bet.
Beads 3 or 4 mm Austrian crystals in any size or shape, 9/0 or 11/0 seed beads I'm always looking for new pretties.
Jewelry Anything silver.
Garnets are pretty
ring sizes: 8.5-9.5 fingers; lotsa earring holes.
Ancient Egyptian stuff I like papyrus art; how 'bout you? I already have some books.
Books in general Biographies, historical fiction, books based on movies, humor/Dave Barry, simple German books; in short--whatever. German books will let me practice my language skills; historical fiction is my drug of choice.
DVDs list of DVDs I own a few dvds.
Puzzles and/or Posters Aragorn, King of Gondor; Rohan; & Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli I'm going for a sci-fi puzzle & poster theme in the kitchen.  Incidentally, posters like this would aid that theme.
Orchids / Houseplants Orchids: a plain yellow phal, anything bluish or blue or orange, Burr Nelly Isler, fall/winter bloomers, scented ones. Houseplants: a crouton, a goldfish plant with red flowers, anything else that looks interesting.  No more ivy--I've got about 8 different kinds.

The more expensive toys:

Please, don't try to get me clothes--it's nearly impossible to guess what size I am.  Also, lots of perfumes smell really nice--and make me sneeze for 10 minutes.  If you're looking for something that smells good, go for potpourri of the apple/cinnamon variety.  If you're looking for a way to make me smell better, Bath and Body Works has Sun-ripened Raspberry or Country Apple body splash that I like (and doesn't set off my nose).


This many unique people have been curious just how selfish I am.


Last updated on December 2, 2005