Since pretty much every person I know who has a web page as links on it, I figured I'd give in to peer pressure and do the same. 

The Hunger Site  is the only truly useful (in a world-impacting sort of way) link on this page.  Click the link, feed the hungry; simple as that.

Potentially Interesting
The DreamCatcher Project... wherein, you can annonymously relay your dreams or read others'
My Hockey Team's website... because I can't resist adding links to every page I maintain

A punk and ska band a friend of mine belonged to; you can download part of their stuff. Citizen's Arrest
Another local band (since defunct) I'd consider more than worthy of attention... Stop the Car
One of the many bands I obsessively attend concerts for... Skid Row
Perhaps the top of my list of obsessions... Queensryche

Since I've been doing much more shopping for craft items lately than for clothes, I put this section first.  This is a combination of links for the average person to check out, if they happen to like crafts, as well as a reference for myself of where so much of my stuff lately has come from.  These are in no particular order...other than the order I happened to remember them in.

Bead it...on Ebay
Bobby Bead...on Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis.  Their store has a much better selection than is posted on their website and they will do mail orders, if you can't make it to MN.
Crafts, Etc...I ordered from them a while back.  Reasonable shipping prices and very good customer service.  I would highly recommend them.
Rings-n-Things...I haven't yet ordered from them, but I was assured that I could even without being a business as long as I met their minimum order requirements.  Good deals on wholesale jewelry components; perfect place to turn if you want a gross of Austrian crystals, instead of just a few.
Costume Jewelry by Enchanted Treasures had an amazing collection of clasps and other findings.  I stumbled across the site quite by accident and was extremely pleased I did.  Very reasonable shipping costs, as well.
Beaded Images...if you are looking for any (and I do mean any) color of Delica bead for a project, this is the place to go.  Amazing selection, reasonable prices and reasonable shipping.
That Bead Lady...offers 25% discounts on 50+ grams of one color bead.  Very reasonable prices and shipping.  Has good selection of colors of seed and Delica beads.  Prices are in Canadian currency, but have US equivalents next to them, as well.
Dream Weavers Beads...offers 11th tube of beads free with every 10 you buy.  Prices are slightly higher than other places I've found, though.
To Bead...interesting selection of clasps, good selection of crystals. Good prices on crystals; volume discounts.  Crystals also come in smallish batches, if you only want a few.  Shipping prices are slightly higher than some other places, but still ok.
Ladybugs...this is a great site.  Reasonable prices, a decent selection, and fast, friendly service.  I'm throughly impressed.
Gerri's Crystals...all she sells is crystals (big shock with that name) but they're reasonably priced and she has 5mm ones, too.  $20 minimum order.
Designs by Gloria and Pat...cross-stitch patterns / books.  Great prices, fast and affordable shipping.  Once again, a site I would highly recommend, especially if you're looking for Precious Moments.

These are some places to shop, all of which I highly recommend, since they have all treated me very courteously and I have not had any difficulties with orders from any of them.

Really good deals for those of us who wear soft contacts.... Contacts
>Mostly normal clothing.... Victoria's Secret
A bit farther out there.... Frederick's of Hollywood
Some very interesting stuff.... Naughty-n-Nice
Another fairly interesting store... Eurotique
Yet another interesting site... Siggy's
Leather... Jammin' Leather
This isn't exactly a store--consider it more the eBay for goths... gothicauctions

To prove just how much of a nerd I am, here is are links to a couple of the most useful websites I've used in my life at Rose.  There are, of course, countless other ones that I've used, but these were by far the ones I relied on the most.

Since one of my professors emailed this to everyone in his classes, I'm assuming it's freeware, shareware, or he made it himself.  If I'm wrong, this will be corrected shortly, I'm sure.  It's a unit conversion program that will convert pretty much any units you can dream up into useful ones.  Unit-conversion
A very very useful online german dictionary...LEO
And, for those chemical engineers out there who appreciate modern technology--an online psychrometric chart

This probably isn't what you're expecting.  To explain, I used to have a slideshow screen saver with all kinds of fantasy and/or computer generated art on it.  These are a few of the sites that I got that art from and the shareware (or so I was told by the person I got it from) program to run the slideshow.

The program I mentioned.... Slideshow.exe

Mike Bonnell's pictures
Digital Blasphemy
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
Visual Paradox
Jonathon Earl Bowser's Art
Werner Studios


Last updated on November 16, 2005