I've spent nearly 25 years becoming the person I am today.  Is this a good thing?  Who really knows...  But, for the most part, I rather like me; in the long run, that's all that matters.

For a long time, I identified who I was by my major, year, and school-of-attendance.  At this point, I've realized that it really doesn't matter where you went to school to most of the rest of the world.  Your activities in school don't really matter much, either, in the grand scheme of things--unless they taught you how to accept disappointment, how to work for goals, how to budget your time, how to play well with others, or some otherwise-useful skills.  In spite of that, I still identify myself with the skills I have, the job I hold, and the things I do for hobbies.

I work as some vague permutation of an engineer for a computer-parts company.  It seems like I've tried just about every sport known to humankind.  That isn't really true, as I've never wrestled...and I'm sure there's at least one other thing I've not tried.  I spend reasonable quantities of my free time doing crafts involving needles, writing random stuff in my Live Journal, and reading.  I also like a lot of different board/card games, though I don't play them much anymore.  I've been dabbling with the Tarot as a tool to unlock the subconscious.  I've said enough here, the rest of this site is about what I do with my freetime.

As for giving you a crash-course in my personality: I'm bitter, sarcastic, moody, occasionally lazy, and prone to find fault with everything and everyone.  No matter how grateful I am about something, I rarely remember to say thank-you in a fashion reflective of my appreciation.  I shy away from affection like a typical male--inspite of possessing a pair of X chromosomes.  I shy away from trendy clothing, perfume, and most other "girly" things with at least as much strength as my fear of affection--again, in spite of my given gender.  My main female traits are a weakness for jewelry--particularly silver and red stones, a constant craving for chocolate, a lousy body-image, the ability to sew by hand, the occasional desire to be Aphrodite incarnate, and a dislike of most bugs.  It takes me a while to get comfortable in new surroundings, but once I do--look out.  I'm opinionated and don't mind telling everyone how I feel about everything--though I will try to do it with a smidge of humor, if possible.  Tact is occassionally lost on me, though I try not to let that be the case.  I've got high expectations of myself and others; I am often frustrated, easily annoyed, and have a bit of a temper--a lot of people can't take that.  If, however, you make it into my inner circle of friends, you will find an unlimited source of acceptance, support, friendship, love, and generosity (sometimes to my own detriment)--until you cross me and prove yourself unworthy of such.  If you ever do cross me, you'll probably never be trusted--or in some cases, even spoken to--again.  I have a difficult time with the concept of trust simply because Life has made too many certainties uncertain...I always question the ground on which I tred.  I can forgive past wrongs and mistakes--I realize that we all do silly things from time to time and I know that I, above all others, am certainly not exempt from making less-than-smart decisions.  I just can't seem to forget about some mistakes.

This is me.  Love it or leave it.  Whatever you decide, machts nichts.

Last updated on May 22, 2005