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Erica Hoffmann

Minneapolis, MN
Objective: Obtain a permanent position in Chemical or Environmental Engineering.
Education: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
B.S. in Chemical Engineering
Minor in Applied Biology and Certification in German Technical Translation, May 2002
Major: 3.0 / 4.0
GPA 3.0 / 4.0
St. Croix Lutheran High School West St. Paul, MN
Diploma, May 1998
GPA 3.9 / 4.0
Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering (Wastewater Treatment Plant Design), Unit Operations in Chemical Engineering Laboratory, Chemical Plant Design, Safety and Health and Loss Prevention, Advanced Reactor Design, Mass Transfer, Kinetics, Bioseparations, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Material and Energy Balances, Materials Science, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Skills: •  Aspen, Excel, Maple, Word, PowerPoint, P.C.Spartan Plus, AutoCAD
•  Proficient in German and Latin
•  Customer relations, leadership and training, organization and time-management
•  Working in groups or with teams towards a common engineering goal
Experience: Seagate Technology
Engineering Specialist
•  Tested ionic content on product parts to insure adherence to cleanliness specifications
•  Ran GC-MS analysis on extracts from disc surfaces
R & D Technician
•  Performed peel testing on both laminated and free films to determine cohesiveness between film layers, in addition to testing cohesiveness between layers on various tubing samples
•  Used GretagMacbeth Color-Eye to perform colorimetry testing on aged laminated and free film samples
•  Used Instron to perform tensile testing and elongation on free film samples
•  Performed some ANOVA analysis in Minitab on results
•  Member of Six Sigma Greenbelt projects for new products
•  Some twin-screw extrusion experience blending various resins
•  Used Ares to find moduli of various materials
•  Used DMTA to perform 3-point bend testing
Boston Scientific
R&D Laboratory Technician and Receiving Inspection
•  Viscosity testing on various fluid samples using Brookfield Viscometers
•  Rheological properties testing on incoming polymer resin pellets (melt flow / melt index)
•  Extensive use of FT-IR on solid, liquid, and powder samples. Authored reports on the findings, as required.
•  Formation and testing of shore hardness pucks
•  Use of UV-Vis spectrophotometer
•  Used pycnometer to measure density on resin samples
•  Method creation and validation (SOP writing)
•  Qualification of new instruments according to ISO standards
Kester Solder
QC Chemist
•  Performed physical tests such as density, pH, titrations, and percent-Chloride on raw materials and finished products to insure quality
•  Cured liquid polymers and performed TGA analysis on the cured samples
•  Tested many lots of solder paste for ease of printing on circuit boards (slump test, reflow testing, and printing for each lot)
•  Tested viscosity of solder paste lots both for QC testing and for shelf-life studies
•  Used ICP to analyze wastewater for various heavy metals
•  Performed visual inspections and size distribution analysis on solder spheres
Rexam Beverage Can Americas
Research, Development, and Testing
•  Used FTIR, video microscoope, and various other laboratory equipment to test various physical or material properties of different cans, inks, and coatings. Properties included viscosity, percent cure, MEK rub, and corrosion-type testing.
•  Used ICP to quantify amount of aluminum in solutions
•  Responsible for logging into computer systems at various Rexam plants nationwide to access production data for a study to reduce raw material waste (Six Sigma project)
Rose-Hulman Department of Chemical Engineering, Terre Haute, IN
Class project for Chemical Engineering Plant Design
  -Successfully completed AIChE design project with a group for 100 million lb. per year polypropylene glycol production facility
Rose-Hulman Department of Chemical Engineering, Terre Haute, IN
Class project for Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering 
  -Designed a primary settling tank, a series of CSTRs with clarifier, and a rapid mix tank with flocculation and settling basins
Rose-Hulman Department of Chemical Engineering, Terre Haute, IN
Class projects for Unit Operations in Chemical Engineering
  -Analyzed heat exchanger, agitated tank, cooling tower, tray drier, and fluid flow through a system of valves, fittings, and pumps with written reports on each analysis and oral reports on one analysis per quarter
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Terre Haute, IN
Teaching Assistant for Heat Transfer
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Administrative Services, Terre Haute, IN
Mailroom employee
•  Trained and supervised new student employees
•  Assisted customers with questions and methods of shipping
Activities & 
Engineer – In – Training 
Order of the Engineer Inductee
Treasurer and Reporter, Alpha Chi Sigma, Iota Chapter
Rose-Hulman Volleyball Club
Rose-Hulman Rifle Team 1998-99, received letter
National Honor Society
Quill and Scroll Society for High School Journalists
Silver Medal on National Latin Exam
Yearbook co-editor, two years
Mike Sughayer, QC Chemist   Michael Pierret, Program Engineer
Supervisor   Supervisor
(847) 297 - 1600   (847) 734 - 5531
Kester Solder   Rexam Beverage Can Americas
515 East Touhy Ave   2250 Lively Blvd
Des Plaines, IL 60018   Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Craig Sandberg, R&D Lead Analyst   Bill Hartman, Program Engineer
Supervisor   Supervisor
(763) 494-2327   (847) 734 - 5513
Boston Scientific   Rexam Beverage Can Americas
1 Scimed Place   2250 Lively Blvd
Maple Grove, MN 55311   Elk Grove Village, IL 60007