Who am I, you ask?

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Who is anyone?

Am I the goddess of air?  Am I a cat or a tiger?  Am I a faerie or an elf?

Perhaps you should be the one to decide.

I do know this:  I am many things.  I have many names.  And yet, I am only myself.

Welcome to a world of cool, fresh breezes that bring the sweet scent of pine.
A world where water is clean and nature maintains control.
The ocean sings me to sleep at night no matter how far from her I am.
The wind whispers in my ear of days that have gone, and those that are yet to come.
Fires rage in the depths of my soul, hoping for one to calm their rage with compassion and understanding.
The earth gives me strength and balance in a world that sometimes seems mad, no matter how much I believe I understand it.
And spirit endures through all that is, was and will be, buoying me along as I strive to learn and live the best that I can.
I live and I love, these are inseparable for me.
I will protect those I care for, that is who I am.
I will fight for them, I would most likely die for them, but that is another matter.

Welcome to my thoughts, my emotions, who I am.