This is another passion of mine. I like almost any variety except country. One of my dreams is to play Barbarina in "The Marriage of Figaro" but I should probably go back for more voice lessons first. In my not so spare time, I would like to learn at least one instrument and a dozen or so languages as well, but that will come eventually.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - what can I say, I like what he's done
Jekyll & Hyde - my favorite musical
Rent - I've only seen this three times, anyone care to go? :)
Aspects of Love - an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that didn't seem to catch on
Phantom of the Opera - with links to Miss Saigon and Les Mis
Peter, Paul and Mary - music I grew up on
Nickelback - one of my favorite bands
Tool - they may be loud & obnoxious, but I like them
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime rocks
Metallica - I prefer their older stuff
Evanescence - I can do that but it hurts
Matchbox 20 - I seem to identify with a lot of their songs
They Might Be Giants - seems they've released a few more albums

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