Paganism & Religion

While I cannot claim to be an expert on the topic of my chosen religious identification, I believe I will get to that
point by the time I get my PhD. I believe in many things that most people would call crazy, but mysticism and religion are
about feelings and impressions to me, not necessarily about dogma and canons. I read books about magick and take what applies
to me and what I agree with, not everything the author says. You have to think for yourself, not take for granted that the
person writing knows everything. Below are some interesting links, if you care to follow them. Some may look hypocritical on
my page, but as I said, I do believe in many things and some things that I don't believe still interest me.

I have decided to add a link to a paper I wrote for my special problems in religion my senior year at Manchester.
The topic is Russian Orthodox Iconography, which I found very interesting. It is in pdf format.

Russian Orthodox Iconography

Other Links

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