Mike has a growing collection of plants, many of which are orchids. They improved the apartment in
Chicago & Lafayette so much that I decided to try my thumb as well. The orchids he's flowered are posted on his orchids page.
For his birthday in 2004, I decided to let him choose some more orchids to raise, so we visited
Orchids by Hausermann & Oak Hill Gardens which are both in the Chicago suburbs.
We made several trips to Hoosier Orchids in Indy & Hilltop Orchids near Cloverdale later.

I ended up bringing quite a few plants to the southwest with me. I just hope
they manage to survive the lower humidity & less forgiving sun.


This was the first orchid I picked up. She is a Laeliocattleya hybrid named Nora's Melody. I got her
on 4/9/04 and she flowered two days later. She skipped flowering this year but at least she's growing again.

765t jpg
766t jpg

This is the second orchid I picked up. It is Odontioda Nutley x Sanderae red
& came from Hoosier Orchids in the fall of 2004. The plant only cost $5 & managed to bloom fairly soon after I got it.

1824t jpg

1836t jpg

1841t jpg

The third and fourth orchids I picked up are both dendrobiums. I got them on 2/25/05 from Oak Hill Gardens.

Dendrobium Golden Fantasy (Golden Aya x capillipes) was blooming when I picked it up.
Dendrobium White Pony Akamoto has not decided to bloom yet, even though it's a larger plant.

1605t jpg
Den. Golden Fantasy (Golden Aya x capillipes)
1606t jpg
Den. Golden Fantasy (Golden Aya x capillipes)
2637t jpg
Den. White Pony Akamoto

Other plants

These are the other plants I have at the moment. The only one not shown is a Norfolk Island Pine that was
struggling before I brought it here & seems to be doing worse now. Hopefully the other plants won't suffer
the same fate. Unfortunately none are really blooming now except the miniature African violets.

2616t jpg
2618t jpg
jade plant (crassula)
2620t jpg
jade plant (crassula)

2622t jpg
variegated creeping fig
2627t jpg
variegated ficus
2630t jpg
goldfish plant (nematanthus radicans)
2631t jpg
wax vine (senecio)
2635t jpg
2638t jpg
lipstick plant (aeschynanthus)
2640t jpg
bronze leaf red begonia

2642t jpg
African violets (saintpaulia)

2643t jpg
2645t jpg
pothos (scindapsus aureus)
2647t jpg
striped inch plant (callisia)

2649t jpg
wandering jew (tradescantia)

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