The Brickyard 400

This was the first Nascar race I've actually been to. For those who don't know it takes place
at the Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana where the Indy 500 is run. I went with someone from work
who happened to have an available ticket. We walked the last mile and a half or so to avoid some
of the traffic congestion. We took in the museum before finding our seats. The first wreck of the
race happened nearly right in front of me, and several others were within view. After a long day I came
back with blisters and a 2nd degree sunburn, my least favorite driver managed to win while my favorite
driver was wrecked 4 laps before the finish; but I still had fun.

The picture quality is not as good as I'd like since I didn't take my 35mm camera with me.

August 8, 2004 Highlights: all of the pictures can be accessed from the link at the bottom.

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