Connections in South Bend

After the events of last July, I bolstered my efforts to renew contact with the friends I'd lost touch with since college. Some of them landed in South Bend. Robby got a house where he & Beaker reside with a cat named Tilt (she walks funny sometimes due to an unfortunate incident involving a car) and two rats. Jo also practically resides there so whenever we get time to visit, we're likely to see all three of them & some new friends too. We play AD&D 3rd ed (which I was opposed to at the start, being an old school 2nd ed fan) once a month. So here are some pictures and quotes from the last two sessions. Let it be known that the quotes are non-PC and sometimes sexual in nature. Read at your own risk.

Pictures I've Taken
Pictures Robby's Taken
RP Quotes from January
RP Quotes from February

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