Mike's Birthday, Sept. 11, 2004

I made Mike play a little game Friday night to figure out what he wanted to do for his birthday.
I had contacted his former roommate, Dave Drapac, previously and managed to convince him he wanted
to visit with us for the weekend. So we picked him up en route to Chicago where we visited orchid
growers and Mike picked out his presents. Then we came back for some music making and board gaming.
Dave brought a cake he learned how to make in Norway which I was almost able to pronounce then but am
uncertain how to spell. Dave stayed through Monday morning. It was a great weekend.



1177t jpg



Mike's Engineering 106 Project

One of Mike's classes decided to assign a group project to see who could, with limited amounts and types of material,
propel the most pennies at least 5 feet using a balloon as the source of energy. Mike's original idea was to create
a hovercraft. It did work but the group later decided a piston might be more reliable. The first few pictures
are of Mike playing with his functioning hovercraft. The rest are of the group assembling the piston which on the
day of testing in class carried 1000 pennies over the 5 foot mark. The next group in his class managed just over 200.

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