Lyrics: David Drapac, Mike Shevlin
Guitar: Chris Hawk
Keyboard: David Drapac
Bass: Mike Shevlin
Drums: Eddy Escardo
Vocals: David Drapac, Mike Shevlin

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Rock comes waltzing in my door
With not so good intent
Smiles wide and winks his eye
And over he is bent

It's death, (can't be pretty)
Death (sure must hurt)
By gerbil (I can't think)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah(of anything worse)

Hai peers his head inside the door
And opens it up wide
Then Hai cries out and starts to shout
As it goes inside


Laura's been out masticating
What's that on her neck?
Who on earth has she been dating?
Oh well; hey, what the heck


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