Lyrics: David Drapac, Mike Shevlin
Guitar: Chris Hawk
Keyboard: David Drapac
Bass: Mike Shevlin
Vocals: Mike Shevlin

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i need you now more than ever
the days gone by, why can't you remember
when i knew you and you knew me
living together so happily

no worries now, i know better
but still i worry, just can't forget her
life is hard but love is worse
takes you or me to end this curse

baby i still love you
why did you let me go?
baby i need you back
i know you've got to know

baby i still love you
you are in my soul
baby i need you back
you're the one that makes me whole

i can't explain everything
it all went wrong, now who's to blame?
maybe me, maybe you
it's too late, now that we're through

simply said, it's over and done
now on with life, put down the gun
i can't give up, it haunts me forever
won't give up, until we're together


i tried real hard, i did my best
get over it, i can't change the past
that was then, and this is now
we'll make it through, i'll show you how

so come to me, we'll work this out
i know that we still have our doubts
but we did it once, we'll do it again
and finally we can end this pain


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