These pictures are from Clayton Park.  I was there searching for Tipularia discolor, which is fairly rare in New Jersey (S3, 20-100 known populations).  Fortunately, I had some intelligence suggesting that it might be found within the park.  Unfortunately, even though the plants are knee-high, they're also perfectly camouflaged with their brown and green flowers growing in thick brush.  Gratifyingly, I managed to find quite a few of them with very careful searching.  Aside from the orchids, the hike was largely uninteresting, as there was almost nothing else in bloom in the woods in the middle of summer.

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Eastern Grey Squirrel Cranefly Orchis Cranefly Orchis Cranefly Orchis Habitat
Garden phlox Cranefly Orchis Pink Lady's Slipper Cranefly Orchis
Cranefly Orchis Downy Rattlesnake Plantain Cranefly Orchis

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