These pictures are from my first hike in Indiana this spring, at the Clegg Botanical Gardens.  It's not a particularly spectacular place, but it is in town and I wanted to make sure that things were coming up before driving a long way to a nature preserve.  The land owner is trying to recreate an oak savanna habitat on the banks of the Wildcat creek, and I'm not sure that type of habitat would ever have existed on such steep hills.  Removing the maple trees that were growing there has created some enormous erosion problems, and I suspect that a good deal of the property will eventually end up in the Wildcat.  You can also see the pictures that I took last year here.

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Spring Fumewort Spring Fumewort Squill Cut-Leaved Toothwort
Cut-Leaved Toothwort Short-Spurred Corydalis Carolina anemone Carolina anemone

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