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These photographs were taken at Firefest 2005 near South Bend, IN.  This is the first time I've take pictures of fireworks with my digital camera, and I got a few reasonable shots.  I didn't have problems with CCD noise on the long exposures or many overexposures by setting the sensitivity to ISO 100.  I was limited by the types of shots that I could take; even though I had the camera on a tripod I still don't have the remote shutter release for my camera (it's nearly $100).  Also, these pictures were taken from very close to the fireworks looking almost straight up at them, so it was difficult to get them all in the frame, even with wide-angle shots.  Dust and ash settling on the lens caused persistent flare problems, but I'd anticipated that and brought along a can of air to dust; in retrospect, I should have used it after every couple shots instead of only a couple times during the course of the evening.

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