These pictures are from the Franklin Parker Preserve.  I was searching for Cleistes divaricata, but that very rare plant remained elusive.  I did have a good hike, though, finding the endangered Tofieldia racemosa (S1 in NJ) and the threatened Northern Pine Snake.  And, as one might imagine in open wet areas in early summer, there were quite a few Pogonia ophioglossoides in bloom.

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Pine Barren Sandwort Lance-Leaved Rose Gentian Lance-Leaved Rose Gentian Horned Bladderwort
Common Water Lily Spatulate-Leaved Sundew Spatulate-Leaved Sundew Cross-Leaved Milkwort
Rose Pogonia Gold Crest Coastal False Asphodel Rose Pogonia
Wing-Stem Meadow Pitchers Red Milkweed Rose Pogonia Northern Pine Snake

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