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Here are some pictures from the Halloween party in South Bend.  This year, both Larisa's costume and mine were essentially completely homemade and turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.  The pictures around the bonfire are all existing light exposures of about 8 seconds; I was trying to catch people and motion and avoid nasty nighttime flash images.  For the most part, those pictures turned out surprisingly well; most people don't move much in 8 seconds, so they appear sharply in focus.  Those that do move seem to streak across the image.

Click on the thumbnails to view large images.

Larisa 1 Larisa 2 Larisa 3 Me 1
Me 2 Me 3 People 1 David and Lauren 1
David and Lauren 2 David and Lauren 3 Beaker Nykki and Beaker
Laura 1 Laura 2 Matt and Nykki People 2
Bonfire 1 Bonfire 2 Bonfire 3 People by the Bonfire 1
People by the Bonfire 2 Nykki, Bri, and Lauren Josh and Dan People by the Bonfire 3
Embers Sparks Sparks 2 Bri and Lauren
Windy Larisa 4 The End