These pictures are taken from a trip down the Wabash Heritage Trail from Lafayette to Davis Ferry.  We attempted to continue the trail to Battleground, but it was so infested with mosquitoes that we turned back.  The trail is easy and a nice walk through the woods, but nothing spectacular.  At this point in the year, the interesting plants were in the grassy areas rather than the wooded parts of the trail.

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Canada Thistle Typical Hedge Bindweed Cabbage White Butterfly on Common Dandelion Honeybee on Canada Thistle
Honeybee on Canada Thistle Rectangular-sinused Hedge Bindweed Turtle Spiny Sow Thistle
Toad Moss Moth Mullein Crownvetch
Cabbage White Butterfly Golden Banded Skipper Butterfly Ladybug on Poison Hemlock Bumblebee on Nodding Thistle
Ox-eye Daisy Ox-eye Daisy Bittersweet Nightshade

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