This photoset is from a hike through natural areas in Passaic county.  I saw a ton of orchids, including Isotria verticillata setting seed and Epipactis helleborine, Goodyera pubescens, Platanthera lacera, Platanthera psycodes, and their hybrid Platanthera ×andrewsii in flower.  The latter is the fortieth orchid I've seen in New Jersey.

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Starry Campion Broad-Leaved Helleborine Downy Rattlesnake Plantain Small Purple Fringed Orchid
Small Purple Fringed Orchid Small Purple Fringed Orchid Large Whorled Pogonia Andrew's Hybrid Fringed Orchid
Cardinal Flower Chicken of the Woods Green Fringed Orchid Cinnabar Red Chanterelle
Hornet Nest

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