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These photographs are from Prophetstown state park near Lafayette, IN.  This is one of the newest state parks in Indiana, having only opened last year, so it's still being developed.  It currently has a single trail that loops a good portion of the developed park.  This park is mostly open prairie, which is absolutely drenched in flowers in the summertime.  I would not advise hiking the trail on a sunny day in midsummer, however, because there is very little shade in the area.

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Common burdock Wild cherries Wild potato Butterflyweed
Monarch butterfly on red clover Soapwort Black-eyed susan Monarch butterfly
Common milkweed Monarch butterfly on common milkweed Rabbit Blue vervain
Wild bergamot Bumblebee on wild bergamot Swamp milkweed Swamp milkweed
Viceroy butterfly on Queen Anne's lace American goldfinch Monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed Monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed
Cabbage white butterfly