These pictures were taken on the first day of hiking of my trip to New Mexico, while hiking up the San Andres Canyon (trail 125 in the Lincoln National Forest).  The trail is nice and rugged, and does not appear to be heavily visited.

This is the first time I've stitched together panoramas of shots taken in the field, and I'm quite pleased with the results.  This first panorama has some issues with blending in the sky, and the third was a bit underexposed, but the stitching in each one is flawless.  The panoramas are created using Autopano-SIFT, Hugin, and Enblend, which make for a very powerful suite of software.

Click on the thumbnails to view large images.

Road to the Canyon Desert Cactus Canyon Wall
San Andres Canyon entrance panorama
One Little Cactus Looking Out of the Canyon
A Bend in the Canyon Yucca
Cacti and Yucca Prickly Pears A Bend in the Canyon
Cactus Canyon Wall

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