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These photographs are from a trip into several nature preserves in the Shooting Star Cliffs regions in south-central Indiana, named after a rare plant shown in one of the pictures below.  The places we visited were Buzzard Roost, Carnes Mill, Hemlock Cliffs, and Saalman Hollow.  This rugged area has spectacular geography and vegetation.  It was also most memorable because we saw two different orchids in bloom, and one more plant which may have been an orchid in spike.

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Small stream Ohio River Barge on the Ohio River Northern fence lizard
Purple rocket Two-flowered cynthia Two-flowered cynthia Weathered rock outcropping
Tree growing into a cliff Water falling Mosses, lichens, and ferns French's shooting star
Sandstone overhang Sandstone overhang Feathery Solomon's plumes Yellow lady's slipper
Yellow lady's slipper Yellow lady's slipper Yellow lady's slipper Showy orchis