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These pictures are from a recent trip to Turkey Run state park.  I blow hot and cold about this place, and the more times I visit it the less I seem to like it.  Turkey Run is by far the most popular outdoor spot in west-central Indiana and is almost always swamped with people.  Even on a cool Thursday afternoon in early spring, I bumped into a couple dozen obnoxious, noisy people, which is a couple dozen more than I care to see whenever I'm trying to get away from humanity.  The park is also adjacent to state road 47, which, while not heavily-traveled, can still be heard from within the park.  So many people go through Turkey Run that the trails are barren eight-foot wide swaths of mud ripped through the forest, and that makes hiking less pleasant.  The park has also developed a litter problem, which is probably a symptom of the obnoxious hordes of people that trample the place.

Turkey run is not worth visiting on any weekend, and there are other nearby places to visit which are at least pretty.  My personal favorite is Shades state park (pictures), only about 20 miles away.  There are also some nice nature preserves in the area like Portland Arch (pictures) and Fall Creek Gorge (pictures) which are perfect for afternoon trips.

Having said all of that, Turkey Run does have interesting geography, pretty vegetation and wildlife, and miles of trails to hike.  If it weren't for the crowding, this place would be high on my list of places to visit.

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Rainbow Field of Virignia bluebells Virginia bluebells Celandine poppy
Celandine poppy Woodland phlox waterfall in Falls Canyon Cascade
False rue-anemone Wild ginger Waterfall in Bear Hollow Cleft phlox
Coal vein Moss