These pictures are from the Wharton State Forest in the Martha Furnace and Batsto areas.  It was a good day for orchids; we found one colony of Liparis loeselii in a small seep, and dozens of flowering Calopogon tuberosus in a savannah along the Oswego river.  We also saw plenty of Pogonia ophioglossoides there, but they were mostly buds with just a few flowers starting to open.

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Partridge-Berry Virginia Dwarf Dandelion Toad Frostweed
Loesel's Twayblade Loesel's Twayblade Common Grass-Pink Common Grass-Pink
Common Grass-Pink Common Grass-Pink Rose Pogonia Common Grass-Pink
Humped Bladderwort Oswego River Savannah Venus's Looking-Glass
Common Grass-Pink

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